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"Il codice del tennis - Bill Tilden arte e scienza del gioco" by Luca Bottazzi e Carlo Rossi offers a new perspective on the life and technique of Bill Tilden, the American tennis player that set up the rules of modern tennis

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Clic and read the blog page of the book "Il codice del tennis", with posts writtend by Luca Bottazzi: exclusive content, rarities, pictures and special initiatives dedicated to the legacy left by Bill Tilden, the tennis game and its key players. Visit the blog and leave your comments!

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Luca Bottazzi : tennis coach

After spending his life playing tennis as a pro, now Luca Bottazzi shares his experience by teaching tennis and training young athletes.

He worked as a tennis coach for Italian tennis junior players in the categories under 12,14, 16, 18, also winning a FIT trophy.

He was founder and researcher at R.I.T.A., the Italian Research Tennis Association, and taught Sports Science at the University of Milan.

Luca Bottazzi is the Director of R.I.T.A. Tennis academy, located in the Milan outskirts area in both San Donato Milanese (Kick Off) and Segrate (CUS Milano).

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