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"Il codice del tennis - Bill Tilden arte e scienza del gioco" by Luca Bottazzi e Carlo Rossi offers a new perspective on the life and technique of Bill Tilden, the American tennis player that set up the rules of modern tennis

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A unique collection of unconventional articles about the game of tennis. A team of experts that helps to view our favourite sport from a different angle.

News, Analysis, Science and History.

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Clic and read the blog page of the book "Il codice del tennis", with posts writtend by Luca Bottazzi: exclusive content, rarities, pictures and special initiatives dedicated to the legacy left by Bill Tilden, the tennis game and its key players. Visit the blog and leave your comments!

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Luca Bottazzi : tv sports commentator

A solid know-how of the game and the techniques acquired on the field and an objective insight on the strategy of tennis players: these unique characteristics made Luca Bottazzi become one of the most renowned and influential voices in TV commenting. He works as a sports commentator of live matches and tournaments.

Competence teams up with entertainment to define his personal style of commenting live matches: along with technical annotations come many anecdotes and interesting perspectives from his own experience as a pro tennis player and a scholar of the game.

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